Cross #77: OKLAHOMA Extra Large Wooden Rustic Cross 40" tall, natural (no stain)

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This is a limited edition, Salvaged Cross, from Okie Bud’s Workshop. There is something magical and inspirational about transforming wood that is old and weathered into something new and useful. We often refer to reclaimed wood as "historical wood" or "story wood" because every board tells a story about where it came from and how it arrived here.

It has a storied history and offers a unique glimpse into our past. If reclaimed wood could talk, the stories it would tell. It strikes a chord within our collective soul and reminds us all that life not only has a cycle, but also that life can be extended if we are resourceful and use our imagination.

Cross is made of fences blown down during storms in the Oklahoma City area.

Cross can be natural/stained or painted in your color scheme. No two are alike. Color/stain may vary and wood texture may vary slightly. This one is not stained.


Approx. 40" tall

Boards are nailed with approx 15 nails and heavy duty glue. This cross will not fall apart. D hook on back for hanging. Indoor or outdoor use.